Dermals: Are They Good or Bad?

Now you may be asking yourself, Monica, what in the world is a dermal?! Well, I have an answer for you! A dermal also known as microdermal piercing are piercings on flat surfaces of the body. The thing that makes a dermal different from other piercings is the other side of the piercing is embedded into the dermal part of your skin. Getting a dermal gives the look of having a bead on your skin. These piercings have become really popular for this generation because it allows one to get a piercing where ever they want. Patterns can be made with dermals as well.

Here are a few common places people get pierced for dermals:

  1. Dermal ear piercing
  2. Dermal piercing around eye
  3. Dermal piercing on fingers
  4. Dermal piercing on lower back
  5. Dermal piercing on neck
  6. Dermal piercing on face (cheeks or mouth)
  7. Dermal piercing on wrist

Click this link for visuals for each piercing

I asked some people why they got these piercings and this is what they had to say

“They are unique and few people have dermals. I have really wide hips and I think if I got hip dermals it would take away from the wideness of them.”

“I got them because I wanted to dazzle up my tattoos and make them more unique and something different than what everyone had!”

“I just love how they look and I’m obsessed with piercings and needed a new one! I also like having things that not a lot of people have!”

I believe that dermals are special, unique and have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But overall I wouldn’t mind getting a few in the future!

Let me know what you think, good or bad?

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