Hate the pain, but want the bling?

Do you wish you could get some piercings but needles give you the he-bee jeebies? Worry no longer, I have options for you! Claire’s is the perfect place to get some faux ear jewelry. The main two options I will be discussing is faux gauges and ear cuffs. They have so many options for cute jewelry without the pain of needles or stretching of ears!

1. Faux Gauges 


Wearing these earrings does mean that you have to have you ears pierced. But if you don’t like the idea of stretching your ears then faux gauges are perfect for you! They look like real gauges but they are just like any other earring you would put in your ear. One side unscrews and you put it in like any other earring. Then just screw the back on. Easy as that!

2. Ear Cuffs 


Ear cuffs are the perfect accessory to dazzle up any ear! Ear cuffs are usually located on the conch! Claire’s has many different options for ear cuffs. They have stud cuffs or dangling cuffs, as you can see from the two pictures provided. Some people find that they fall off easily but you just have to make sure it is secure on your ear.

The earring pictures are from Claire’s. Be sure to check out their website for more cute painless jewelry!

The one of the ear is from tattoo-kid.com

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