Boys Can Get Piercings Too

Many people think that ear or nose piercings are just for girls but these boys have proven them wrong. Many male celebrities have piercings! Here are a few male celebrities that are not the norm.

1. Luke Hemmings (5SOS)

Luke Hemmings a guitar player from the famous boy band 5 Seconds of Summer has his lip pierced. Most girls swoon over his lip piercing. Lip piercings are very common in this day and age. Personally, I find that boy lip piercings are really attractive. I think its unique and different.

2. Kian Lawley

Kian Lawley is a famous YouTube star. He has over 2 million subscribers and he can rock any hairstyle from brown to blonde. He also rocks the hoop nose piercing. I think that this piercing really works for him. He has the style to support the piercing. He is very boho and hipster so this piercing fits him perfectly.

3. Chris Brown

Many boys have their nose pierced proving it is not just a girls piercing. Chris Brown is one of them. He works the piercing and honestly it looks great on him. I may be bias and say that I think any man who has his nose pierced looks good with it.

4. Justin Bieber

Famous singer and teen star Justin Bieber, has all the style when it comes to clothes. He also can work having his ears pierced. Most male teen stars do not have their ears pierced but Justin is perfect for this piercing. He has a bad boy yet classy look which his earrings really compliment that style.

1. Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset   2. tumblr_nl2ok2VLbX1u8amkxo1_500

3. BahjaRUIcAANf5O.jpg-large    4. tumblr_nlna0dvLJy1r2ras4o1_500

All in all, male stars with piercings are becoming more common and honestly I love it. I think guys look so much more attractive when they have something pierced. Especially their nose or lip.

Click here for More male celebrity body piercings

Pictures from google.

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