Heres To You Kid

I have been posting on here for a whole semester and I am very proud of my work I did. My plan for the last post was to be a new piercing post, where I got a new piercing and tell my experience. But time did not work out in my favor. So this post will be about my earrings I just recently got. My ears now look a bit different than the header photos now!

IMG_1829 IMG_1839

Left Ear

I recently just got a hoop for my conch! I am in love with it! It is just a silver hoop and it has a opium bead on it as well. I love the colors and it really goes with any outfit I wear! I also have earrings in my two other holes. I got the infinity sign and heart earrings from Claire’s. I also got new black gauges instead of the pink ones I had before!

Right Ear

The right ear is pretty much the same as the left. But I plan on getting new jewelry for my industrial soon. I want to get an arrow so it looks like an arrow is coming out of my ear. I also jazzed up my ear with a ear cuff which is located in the conch area of my right ear! I also purchased this from Claire’s.

Thanks for following my blog and reading my posts! Hopefully I keep up with this more.

Check out Custom Ink and Steel on Facebook! They have awesome jewelry and that is where I purchased my conch hoop!

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