My Piercings

Piercings seem to be the rave of most teens these days. I myself have my fair share of piercings. I have six piercings on my ears and face. (The banner is all of my piercings for visuals)

1. First Hole: Gauges

At first, I didn’t have gauges and my first hole was just a normal ear piercing. I have had my ears pierced ever since sixth grade. But I recently decided to change them to gauges. I found that I would never change my earrings and they would just remain the original starter earrings I got when they were first pierced. I became bored and wanted to switch it up so I borrowed my friend Lily’s gauging packets. These packets included the tapers and gauges. Tapers are the posts that people put in their ears to stretch them out. They start really small at one end then getting bigger at the other. I started off gauging my ears at 14G then eventually week by week I finally got to 4G. I went from 14G, 12G, 10G, 8G, 6G, till 4G. I want to go to 2G but I haven’t made it to hot topic to get the tapers for that yet. I do not want to go any bigger than 2G because they won’t get back to normal if not.

2. Second Hole: Pierced

I got this done the summer of seventh grade and I don’t remember much about getting these pierced. The only thing i really remember is the lady messed it up and made my second holes crooked. My right second hole is further away than my left second hole. Claire’s is not a good place to get ear piercings… Trust me.

3. Third Hole: Pierced

Having my second hole piercing be crooked caused the third hole to look a little strange but I really wanted three ear lobe piercings anyways. I again went to Claire’s not realizing the horrible quality of my second holes. The lady who did my third hole pointed out that the second ones were crooked and tried to fix it when she pierced the third hole. But still I think it looks a bit strange. Again Claire’s is not the best place to get your ears pierced.

4. Nose Piercing

I got my nose pierced for my 18 birthday. My parents really didn’t want me to get it pierced because of their worry about job interviews or just the impression it gives off. But I was 18 and decided it was something I wanted to do. I went and got it done before we went rollerblading for a fun night out with friends. As I stepped into the local tattoo shop in my town, I kinda remember thinking “Is this something that I really really want to do?” I started having doubts and then I remembered all the things my parents had said to me. But I stopped myself and calmed down and realized this has been what I wanted for the longest time. I remembered that the hole would be so small if I took it out no one would even notice. So after signing various amounts of paper work, I laid back on the bench as my piercer Thomas disinfected all his equipment. Thomas had a bunch of certificates up on the wall. I didn’t know what they were for or what they meant but it calmed me down and made me feel like I was in good hands. I remember holding Lily’s hand as I always did when I got any piercing with her. Then without hesitation Thomas put a hallow tube into my nose and then took the needle on the other side and lined it up and poked it through my nose. It really didn’t hurt at all. I have a high pain tolerance so after it was all done, I was actually shocked because I thought it was going to hurt more than it did. As I looked into the mirror on the wall of the shop, I knew I made the right decision by getting it pierced. The pain after I got it pierced was very difficult. I felt a bit light headed. I decided to take some motrin to help with the pain. This made my pain go away and me and my friends went to rollerrama and had a blast. To this day I am still in love with my nose piercing. I get compliments on it all the time and its a great conversation starter. Who’s Your Donny Tattoo Parlor is lucky to have Thomas because he is a great piercer. For further information about the shop check out their website

5. Conch

I went and got my conch pierced after Lily got hers done. I was so inspired by how cool hers looked I wanted the same for myself. I again went to Who’s Your Donny Tattoo Company and Thomas was my piercer once again. I already had three ear lobe piercings so I asked if I could get my conch pierced a little bit higher so it wouldn’t over lap with my lobe piercings and of course Thomas was cool with that. This one was painless. The conch was probably the least painful one I have ever had. I do remember hearing this one when he was piercing it though. It sounded like a weird crunching sound. But once it was done I was so excited. Lily has a hoop in hers and I had to wait five months till I could switch mine. It has defientally been five months since I got it pierce but I haven’t had time to switch it yet.

6. Industrial

The industrial is my favorite piercing I have by far. This was just a spur of the moment piercing actually. It was the second week of college and my roommates and I wanted to all get piercings together as like a roomie activity. Im always down for a new piercing so I at first decided I was going to just get my cartilage pierced. I was a bit worried though because I always went to my normal piercer Thomas but now that I am in Mount Pleasant I had to go to a whole new place that I didn’t know anything about. We all decided to go to Evolved Artforms Tattoo and started signing the papers. Holly went first and got her nose re-pierced. Hailey went next and she got her triple helix. As I waited for my turn, I was contemplating if I should really get my cartilage or not. I texted my cousin Jessica who has multiple piercings and I asked if she thought I should get my industrial. She said she is still in love with her industrial piercing to this day and after hearing this I knew I would regret it if I didn’t get it pierced. So I quickly asked the piercer if I could change my piercing to the industrial and she didn’t care! So I laid back into the chair as she got all the piercing materials ready. This piercing was actually going to be two holes because she had to pierce through the top of my ear and then the side of my ear with the industrial bar. The first piercing hurt pretty bad but once she got the second piercing done it was a piece of cake. I was and am still in love with this piercing. Its so different and not a lot of people have this one done because of the pain that it can cause. I highly recommend Evolved Artforms. The piercers were great there and really want you to get the best experience possible

I hope this gave a little insight on my piercings. I plan to have more posts about my experiences and new piercings you’ve probably never heard of! Stay tuned.